Event Video – Whisky I love you

A taster of the kind of events we put on here at Drinks Galore. Were you in this? Say hello, if not, see you at the next one.

Filmed and produced by the wonderful Alex Blogg

8 responses to “Event Video – Whisky I love you”

  1. […] Our first ever event, and what a night it was! See the film here. […]

  2. There isn’t enough Mark in this video.

    1. You are a kind gent James but the real star of the show is the spirits of course

      1. Such a pro šŸ™‚

        Ps. Re event 2: please can you do Whisky again?

  3. So very tempting … but I think it might be gin. Whisky will always be a big part of Drinks Galore though

  4. […] can see a short video from our launch event here […]

  5. […] was the second Drinks Galore event Iā€™d been to. The first one, Whisky I Love You, left me with nuggets of information and a slither of knowledge were I to order a whisky. When the […]

  6. […] you enjoyed this, why not watch RUM HO, GIN BLOSSOMING or WHISKY I LOVE YOU […]

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