About me

In short, I know an awful lot about booze – from how brands work, to what bartenders love and hate, and what drives consumers. I know a lot about the challenges of an agency – pitching for new work, and originating new ideas for a big account.

Starting agency-side advising Pernod Ricard on marketing for The Glenlivet globally, through to creating the world’s first cocktails subscription company where I worked with the newest craft distilleries through to the most established brands, I’ve been involved in the spirits business for a long time.

“Leading voice in the world of cocktails” – Andy Wallace, Prestige Manager,  William Grant & Sons (Owner of Glenfiddich, Hendricks, Monkey Shoulder)

About our events

We started with a simple concept: Who wants to try some fine spirits in London?

We believe there’s nothing better than tasting unique drinks in the company of great people. We’re talking about the kind of evening where you can learn as much from the person sitting next to you as from the drink-swilling expert.

In March 2014 we launched with whisky to great success – see our whisky film here

Many events later we remain true to the mission – To help you discover the craft, quality and passion of drinks, from the experts, in a great venue surrounded by fellow amateurs, with no pressure or stuffiness.

And now we do even more. As well as creating incredible drinks moments, we also capture them, for ourselves and for others.  Read more about what we do here

My drinks story

I drinksgalore_whisky_MarkJ2grew up in Scotland where you’re handed a whisky at an early age, and measured on your ability to consume it without spluttering. Adding water or ice may seem natural, to dilute the >40% liquor, and soften the peat, but not if you want to preserve your manhood and avoid ridicule: tough crowd, tough country. Don’t even think of adding coke, you’re sent to England for that.

The result of this first horrible experience put me off spirits for years, and might have been forever, apart from a chance encounter years later.

This first off-putting experience with the ‘water of life’ is not unusual, and neither is the one of re-acquaintance. For years I have worked with brands like The Glenlivet, London Distillery Company, Shetland & Glenrinnes Distillery, helping them reach new customers and new markets. I know how weird, scary, unpalatable some drinks can be, and I also know how wonderful, mysterious, delightful and life affirming it can be … with just a little knowledge.

So, how about together we discover a little about spirits surrounded by fellow amateurs, with none of the pressure or stuffiness? Who’s in for a dram or three?

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