The Mark of Respect goes intercontinental

Last week I woke up to this message from all round gentleman Kevin Hurley, Global Brand Ambassador for Teeling Whisky (for context, read this):

“Gents, with both of your gracious permissions I would love to start promoting the ‘Mark of Respect’ as a Teeling cocktail in an official capacity. First up at two guest bartending shifts I will be doing (Fools Gold NYC and at Bar Anaan for Paris cocktail week) further to this I would wish to suggest it to accounts as a Teeling suggested serve for their drinks menus. I would be sure to credit both John as the creator and Mark as the inspiration in all correspondence around the drink. Would this be ok with you both? “

And so with that the MoR cocktail goes global.

First up, Fools Gold NYC …


Oh, and here in Paris at La Conserverie …

MoR  - add to blog!


That day when you find a cocktail named after you … The Mark Of Respect

The Mark of Respect, created by John Norrman 2014

-2 parts Teelings small batch
-1 part good tawny port
-Half a part Falernum
-2 dashes of aromatic bitters (Dead Rabbit Orinoco preferred)

Stirred, garnish with lime lest.


As John says … “This tipple was invented during the 2014 Dublin Web Summit, when the the gentleman Scot Mark Kieran Jennings (@markofrespect) walked in to the bar that was harbouring me at the time, slammed his hands in the counter and yelled in a husky, authoritative voice: “Bartender, Teelings please!”. It is also a tipple that was involved in getting me a job in The Liqour Rooms, and will be on the new drinks menu in said venue in August.”

UPDATE September 2015

Oh, and as an update … here it is available from The Liquor Rooms, Dublin!! – here is their menu.

Mark of Respect Cocktail CPTQ4ntXAAIOG7n.jpg large

UPDATE November 2015

It’s on the menu at the Teeling Distillery! Where next??


UPDATE December 2015

Cocktail geek alert. Here’s Julio Bermejo the inventor of the Tommy’s Margarita taking a MoR home to San Francisco, and leaving a Tommy’s with John Norrman to give to me. Cocktail geek to the max.


UPDATE January 2016

Wow, it really did go further – the MoR around the world


Meet The Maker series: Mark interviews Alexandre Gabriel from Cognac Ferrand, Citadelle Gin & Plantation Rum

“Taste, with the capital letters … It’s not drinking to get drunk, it’s not drinking to look cool. It’s drinking for pleasure.”

Mark speaks to Alexandre Gabriel, President of Cognac Ferrand (creator of Citadelle Gin and Plantation Rum) about life, drinks and everything in between.

“You can rebuild the world with a bottle of rum until 2 in the morning … ”

Filmed at London’s Oxo Tower by the fantastic Alex Blogg

Whisky, Rogues, Dogs and Drams – The Whisky Show 2014 in 2 minutes

Mark from Drinks Galore captures the spirit of London’s The Whisky Show. An incredible event featuring top whiskies from around the world held in the Whisky Exchange.

Sample the drams with us as we go see what’s on offer from The Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Nikka, Teeling and much more.

Filmed by Alex Blogg and Edited by Phil Edwards October 2014

Rum Ho went off with a blast

Ahoy mates, last week we presented Rum Ho – another drinks tasting for spirited amateurs. Starting with a classic daiquiri served up by the Hoxton bar crew, and finished with a rum grog made by the guests themselves we fitted a 5 rum tasting in between.

The air was thick with swarthy questions and cask strength badinage, plus the sheer volume of knowledge from ‘Professor Rum’ Roger Barnes  was enough to captivate event the most mutinous crew

The Hoxton summed up the event very well on their blog – check it out.

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