Hire us

We do three things really well.

1: Host our own Drinks Tasting events

We host our own “Elegant drinks tasting for spirited amateurs” events in London. We do this because we love it, and because it helps us understand what drinks fans want, and learn what they like, which informs all we do. The nights are great fun, have a look at what our guests say here.

2: Film drinks personalities, events and brand

We provide independent interviews of key people in the drinks business, capture the essence of drinks events in a beautiful, shareable way and create elegant brand films – all crafted to spread the message way beyond the moment through social media. More detail on our services and team here.

3: Create and Run drinks events for others

From a brand wanting to showcase a new product, to an event looking for the perfect drinks expert to a refined and memorable moment on a stag weekend – we know the right people to plan and host.

If we can help, please speak to Mark mark@drinksgalo.re

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